Reverse the Clock on Aging

Book an appointment for Botox services in Atlanta and Flint, TX

Have you started to notice fine lines around your eyes? Is underarm sweat making you self-conscious? Renova by Jessica, offers Botox services in Atlanta and Flint, TX. Botox injections are typically administered into your skin or muscles to smooth out wrinkles in the face or neck. Although facial Botox is our specialty, we also offer underarm Botox to help with sweating. Results can last up to five months, meaning you only need a few visits per year to keep seeing results.

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4 benefits of Botox treatments

Whether you're new to Botox or have been getting treatments for years, the benefits can't be denied. Clients who come to us for Botox services enjoy:

  1. Enhanced natural beauty
  2. Almost immediate results
  3. Long-lasting results
  4. Customizable options

Botox injections are quick and noninvasive. Contact us today to schedule face or underarm Botox in Atlanta, TX.